Concentrates – a new technology of high-speed preparation of high-quality beverages: tea and coffee


  1. What is tea and coffee concentrate and how is it made
  2. Benefits of coffee and tea concentrate
  3. How to use tea and coffee concentrate
  4. Concentrate coffee machine
  5. The most important things about tea and coffee concentrate


In short, concentrate is superior quality of beverage, high pouring speed and low production cost!


Nowadays, the coffee business has a huge number of different ways to make great coffee and tea, starting from the work of a professional barista to automated coffee shops.

But it is not necessary to have a professional coffee machine or barista to prepare natural fragrant coffee and tasty tea. Instead, coffee shops can use a special concentrate, which only needs to be diluted with water, milk, cream or other additives to taste.

And the most important thing is that with this technology, the cooking time is reduced several times, and the drink is as delicious and flavourful.

What is coffee and tea concentrate and what advantages it opens for coffee shops, we will tell you in this article.

What is tea and coffee concentrate and how is it made

Coffee or tea concentrate is the extract of a well brewed beverage which is left to be diluted with boiling water or other additives.

Coffee concentrate is prepared using the “hot extraction” method in industrial production. The main difference is that it is prepared under a higher pressure, about 25 Bar, while a normal coffee machine gives a pressure of about 7 Bar. Also, the extraction time is not 25-30 seconds, as in the usual coffee machine, but several minutes. Such technology allows to provide high quality of the concentrate and excellent taste. The consistency of the coffee concentrate is viscous and oily, like espresso.

After preparation, the coffee concentrate is cooled and kept in an oxygen-free environment, packed in sealed BiB packs of 3 litres. Thanks to this, the concentrate does not oxidise and can be kept closed for a year and open for a month.

Tea concentrate is brewed using the same technology: excellent tea is brewed from selected raw materials and concentrate is produced industrially, which simply needs to be diluted with water.

Benefits of coffee and tea concentrate

Coffee and tea concentrate has a number of benefits that can significantly simplify running a coffee business:

Increase of pouring speed

Using coffee concentrate significantly reduces the time of preparation of the final drink, as there is no need to brew the base – espresso. All you need to do is measure out the required amount of concentrate and dilute it with milk, cream or other additive, depending on the beverage you want to prepare.

Reduction of customer service time

Quick preparation of a drink with concentrate allows you to increase the speed of customer service and sell more drinks at the same time. And the more customers you serve, the higher your final revenue.

Reduction of the beverage production cost

Tea and coffee concentrate reduces the cost for coffee beans and tea, which are spent during traditional brewing of the beverage. Thanks to this, the production cost of the final beverage is significantly reduced, which makes it possible to offer a more favourable price to customers. Furthermore, the low production cost gives a favourable competitive advantage on the market.

Space saving

By using concentrates, owners of a coffee business can save space. In contrast to large coffee machines, which also require additional equipment, concentrates need a minimum of space. This makes it possible to organise the working space in a smart way and save money on rent.


It is very convenient to use tea and coffee concentrate at outdoor events or in situations where you need to constantly change locations. A small coffee box is much easier to move, in comparison to a full coffee equipment

Improvement of the beverage quality

It is difficult to control the taste of the espresso at all times, especially when it is prepared by a barista. Each time the taste of the drink may be different. Tea and coffee concentrates are a ready-made base for future drinks, which will provide a stable taste and quality of a cup of coffee or tea.

Cleanliness and order

A significant advantage of tea and coffee concentrates is the absence of coffee grounds and other waste. Thanks to this, there is no need to clean the coffee machine from the coffee grounds all the time and no need to control the fullness of the waste containers.

Versatile ingredient for different beverages

Coffee or tea concentrate can be used to prepare various drinks: both traditional Americano, cappuccino, latte, black and green tea, and cold coffee drinks or ice tea. With this base you can prepare drinks for every taste.

How to use tea and coffee concentrate

As we said earlier, coffee and tea concentrates allow you to prepare many different drinks, both cold and hot. However, it should be said that coffee concentrate is not suitable for use as espresso. Due to repeated heating, the taste of the concentrate changes and becomes a little bitter. However, coffee concentrate is a great base for making coffee drinks such as Americano, cappuccino, latte and other coffee drinks. Thanks to the quality of the concentrate, they are particularly tasty.


Similar concentrates are used by Tasty Coffee. They ran an experiment in which they offered their customers two cups of raf coffee. One of them was made with freshly brewed espresso, and the second one was based on coffee concentrate. According to the results of this study, the customers did not notice any difference in the taste and quality of the drinks. They also repeated the experiment, but already with cappuccino. This time the majority of guests gave their preference to the drink based on coffee concentrate. All this proves the excellent quality and taste of the concentrates.

To prepare drinks from coffee concentrate for one cup of any coffee drink, you should use from 15 to 30 ml of coffee, depending on your taste preferences. One package of concentrate is designed for 3 litres, that is, on average it is enough for 150 cups of excellent coffee.

Here are a few examples of how to make popular coffee drinks using concentrate:

  • Americano – use concentrate with hot water. Depending on the proportion of coffee concentrate to water, the saturation of the final drink will also vary.
  • Cappuccino and latte – you should add hot whipped milk to the coffee concentrate. For latte, respectively, the amount of milk will be twice as large.
  • Raf coffee – it is necessary to add cream to the coffee concentrate.
  • Tea – use tea concentrate and add hot water to it.

If you want to try quality coffee or tea concentrates in action, you can buy them from us:


Concentrate coffee machine

To prepare drinks using tea and coffee concentrate is already much more convenient and easier than brewing coffee in a traditional coffee machine. But in order to make sales of such drinks even more efficient, we have developed a special concentrate coffee machine that does not break down, pours great coffee instantly and requires almost no maintenance – the i-Retail concentrate coffee machine.

This machine not only uses concentrate technology to make different types of coffee and tea, but also has a lot of other benefits that will help to take your business to the next level:

Easy maintenance

As this machine works on concentrate technology, the process of changing ingredients takes no more than 1 minute. Furthermore, the absence of coffee grounds makes maintenance of the machine much easier.

iOT technology

Such a machine can be managed remotely, with full control of all processes. This significantly helps to reduce operating costs, which is only an advantage for businesses.

Amazing power in a small size

Despite it’s small size and ability to fit in any space, this concentrate machine is able to produce 30 litres of drinks per hour!

Powerful software

Concentrate machine i-Retail is equipped with modern software that allows you to control all telemetry, make remote settings, manage financial flows (for example, some drinks for free and some for a fee), and also use a powerful marketing module.

So, this concentrate coffee machine allows you to use this technology conveniently and quickly pour tea and coffee without unnecessary effort.

The most important things about tea and coffee concentrate

As we have already said, coffee and tea concentrates are an excellent base for any coffee and tea drinks, which are really tasty.
This technology of beverage preparation opens wide opportunities for the coffee business, because it has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Allows to increase the speed of beverage pouring and reduce customer service time;
  • Reduces cost of beverages and increases final revenue;
  • Saves working space and allows you to prepare drinks anywhere;
  • Improves beverage quality by keeping the taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee or tea;
  • Eliminates the need to clean the coffee grounds;
  • Allows you to prepare any kind of beverage and offer your customers what they like.

Thanks to this development, owners of a coffee business can not only optimise coffee and tea preparation, but also take their company to the next level.

And if you want to try concentrate technology and concentrate coffee machines in your business, so come to us, we will tell and show you everything:

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